Paramedical College Delhi

“The future of the world is in Paramedical”

According to many the medical profession means doctors and nurses. But let me tell you all that medical profession in not moly limited to this. There are many other medical professions about which people have no idea or very little knowledge. But the fact is that the healthcare industry needs more helping hands who can make work easier and services more accessible. In healthcare sector the Paramedics plays a major role.

Paramedics are professionals who assists the doctors in diagnosing the disease and deciding the care of the patients and other management of health facilities. The important duty of a paramedic is to provide pre hospital medical service to patients. So we can say that paramedics provide timely and high quality care to the patients. Paramedics bring a good change in the life of a patient. This profession is best for those who want to serve people. There is a very fine line between life and death, and depends how quickly and timely assistance can be given to the patient.

Paramedics are the first ones who respond to emergency situations, assess the condition of the patient and after that offer appropriate care. Only a paramedic has this ability to save lives by acting on time. People do not know but the role of a paramedic is as important as a doctor. India is a developing country and there is little shortage of skilled and trained healthcare professionals. According to a survey at present, India requires 64 lakh paramedics to cater to the increasing need of paramedics in the health sector. Currently, there is a shortage of such trained professionals. It is a highly rewarding career option with a bright future ahead.

As a paramedic, one is exposed to the below medical functions.

  • Manage and maintain inventory, equipment and modes of transport etc
  • Analyze the extent of illness or injury, offer first aid and determine the further course of action.
  • Prescribe and administer emergency oral drugs.
  • Operate medical equipment and read instant reports such as ECG etc.

All the above mentioned skills are taught well at the Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences, CIPS Delhi.

Immense Potential for growth :

In the coming years the requirement of paramedical professionals is going to increase which more job opportunities to students. It has been considered as the fastest growing sector of the healthcare industry. With the increase in the number of healthcare establishments the requirement of paramedical staff is going to increase. The facilities like machines etc are going to be developed with time and to operate them there is a continuous need of paramedics.