Paramedical College in Delhi

How to choose an ideal paramedical college?

The Education sector in India is teeming with institutes and colleges offering paramedical courses. With the fast expanding healthcare sector, there are ample job opportunities for well-trained paramedic staff. If you are thinking of joining a paramedic course and looking for an ideal college, then here's something to interest you. Read on to know about one of the best paramedical colleges in Delhi

The sudden inflow in the field of Paramedics

Going for a career in paramedical sciences has become quite popular with students these days. Medicine and nursing attract immense competition and many students desiring a career in healthcare industry are unable to get through the web of entrance examinations and counselling sessions; the high fee rates notwithstanding. For such students, and for others who don't wish to plunge into hardcore medicine, yet want to be associated with health services; paramedical sciences offer the best career option.

Healthcare is now highly dependent on technology. From robotic surgeries, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRIs, Computed Tomography or CT scans, Angiograms, laser therapies have all become an intrinsic part of diagnosis and treatments along with the good old X-Rays blood tests and son on. The sophisticated machines and procedures require trained staff to handle them and with precision and generate zero error images and reports to doctors. Hence this field is witnessing a steady demand for trained professionals.

So. who then are Paramedics?

Paramedics are allied health professionals who manage various diagnostic technologies, form the first line of contact with patients and offer support services to doctors and nurses.

Hence, lab technicians, radiologists, dialysis technicians, cardio vascular lab technicians, emergency care staff, ambulance service personnel, MRI & CT scan technicians, Ophthalmic assistant, speech professionals, physiotherapists, audiologists are all paramedic personnel.

Paramedical courses after class 10th and 12th

Many categories of paramedical courses are usually advertised in July/ Aug by various institutes. Diploma and certificate courses are offered after Class 10 while Bachelor level courses are offered after Class 12. Bachelor courses offer a wider and extensive knowledge to students on various specializations and offer them a degree too. Post degree course, students can specialize further and go for Masters or Post Graduate courses as well.

With many courses and institutes vying for your attention, students must wisely choose the course that best suits them along with an ideal college that offers them the best education.

CIPS or Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences, is one of the reputed paramedical colleges in Delhi

Why choose Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences?

The institute offers paramedical Diploma courses, which are affiliated from the Indian Medical Association (IMA). These Diplomas are recognized by Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Department of Health and Family Welfare.

CIPS trains students in latest advancements made in technology and lays equal importance to theoretical education and practical and on-site training. It has also expanded the courses offered to cover all major dimensions of paramedics and is one of the few colleges that has modern, latest technology-oriented labs like Microbiology Lab, Radiology lab, Anatomy Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Emergency services lab and Operation theatre Lab. Without such facilities it would impossible for students to understand and conduct practical sessions.

The institute also uses audio-visual aids in imparting lessons and is supported by an able and an experienced faculty.

Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences, believes in nurturing the overall personality of students apart from giving them a vocational degree. This aim has helped the institute to set high benchmarks. Students are trained in soft skills, grooming and communication skills to enable them hold discussions with doctors and patients. The institute also has a highly active placement cell which has successfully settled students in prominent hospitals, research institutes and pathological labs of Delhi.

The flagship course of the institute is a diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. It also offers various other certification courses in paramedics.

Medical Lab Technology is the specialized course where students are trained to conduct various diagnostic tests on patient samples and derive test results. Students can work in Blood Banks, Pathology labs, Diagnostic Clinics, Hospitals, R&D sectors. This is a two-year programme, open for Class 12 students with science stream.

Medical Imaging technology, emergency technician course and operation theatre technician course are also popular paramedical courses.

If you are looking for a college that gives you on-job information, degree, latest technological updates and also enhances your communication skills, then Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences, has the answers to all your questions. You can also visit their website to understand why it is one of the most sought-after paramedical colleges in Delhi.

Helping people in need and the society at large is a noble deed. Think of becoming a paramedic to do your bit!