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How can you become an Operation Theatre Technician?

There are various streams of study if one wants to have a career in healthcare industry. Apart from doctors and nurses there are various paramedical courses from which students can choose their desirable career. These days, paramedical courses have become highly specialized. The operation theatre technician course in Delhi is one such specialized course that trains students to become skilled professionals. Read on to know what this course is all about…

Usually the word 'operation' is much dreaded amongst patients. The idea of invasive treatment where the body is likely to undergo cuts and sutures using apparatus and machines, naturally invokes immense anxiety and fear. This makes us understand how important or critical it is for doctors to perform a 100 % accurate surgery. In order to achieve this, a surgeon first needs a well-maintained operation theatre, where all the standard procedures have been followed before the surgery. It is an operation theatre technician who readies equipments and patients before a surgery. Such professionals assist surgeons and at the same time establish a communication with patients. Hence the role and responsibility of this position is extremely important.

Scope of work and job responsibilities

  • Setting ready the operation theatre
  • In-charge of surgical equipments. Organize surgical instruments before surgery, disinfecting and sterilizing instruments before surgery
  • Provide assistance to surgeons, specialist, anaesthesists and nurses during the surgery
  • Crisis handling during surgeries
  • Taking care of anaesthesia equipment.
  • Communicating with patients and giving them mental and physical support.
  • Post-operative care to patients
  • Assistance in in intensive care units and critical care units

Operation Theatre Technologists are present during all types of surgeries like:

  • General Surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Gynaecology Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Urology

Eligibility and skills required

Students can opt for a three-year degree course after Class 12th in science stream.

Since this is an important role, students should know that they would require patience, empathy, an alert mind and quick decision-making skills.

Where can you work

After successful completion of courses, students can look for job opportunities in government and private hospitals, trauma centres, healing centres, and nursing home facilities. Students can also enroll for higher level examinations and become educators or instructors. They can also work with orthopedic surgeons, oncologists or in research wings of organizations.

Why is this course gaining popularity?

The demand for trained and skilled operation theatre technicians is increasing day by day. With scientific advancement and technological upgradation in terms of diagnostics many diseases now require invasive techniques as treatments, Hence, surgeries are on the rise. Operation theatre professionals are skilled workforce who help maintaining the operation protocols and at the same time act as a bridge between patients and the surgeons. One of the best operation theatre technician course in Delhi is offered by Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences.

About Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A premier paramedical science institute that started operations in 2006, it has established a name for itself over the past 13 years. The institute has world class infrastructure, hi-tech labs, libraries, an experienced faculty and industry experts as guest lectures.

Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences (CIPS) offers paramedical diploma courses affiliated from the Indian Medical Association (IMA). These Diplomas are recognized by Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Department of Health and Family Welfare vide No. F.3(4)/PHC/TRC/2007/2815-21.

The institute uses latest technologies to train students and gives emphasis on practical and on-site training apart from theoretical knowledge. It focuses on audio-visual aids and believes in nurturing the overall personality of students. Students are trained in soft skills, grooming and communication skills to help them in their career pursuits. hold their forte in their careers. The institute also has an active placement cell which helps students get job opportunities. All this makes the institute stand apart from its peers.

If paramedical science is your career aspiration then think about doing an operation theatre technician course in Delhi. Choosing this as a vocation can give you work satisfaction as you get to work in an important position and play a crucial role in saving someone's life or helping them get cured. Financially too, this is a well-rewarding profession. In all, a perfect choice.