medical imaging technology course in Delhi


Medical Imaging is the process which is used to images of the human body for medical purposes. Medical imaging technology course is one of the best courses in paramedical science which provides a chance for students to build their at national and international level. The professionals perform imaging tests like X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI scan etc on patients.

During the course period, the students are trained to do different types of imaging tests or scans on the human body so that doctors can recognize the problem from the reports and decide the course of treatment. The DMIT paramedics play a very important in the healthcare sector and helps the doctors with their services.

Apart from this, the college also provides classes for the overall personality of the students so that they can develop confidence in themselves. All such sessions or events always marks a positive impact on students' life which helps him in building a good future.

Job Opportunities :

The scope of better career options is wide in this field. Some of the workplaces are :

  • Hospitals
  • Private Labs
  • Radiology Labs
  • Can work in Medical Imaging equipment company

Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Performing X-Rays/ imaging tests for diagnosis.
  • Creating and maintaining diagnoses report.
  • Maintenance of equipment